Earth Friendly
Earth Friendly Plants are Grown
Using Biological Methods
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Grown Earth Friendly™ means that our plants have been grown using sensible sustainable biological and organic methods. We have made every attempt to grow them in concert with nature, and to minimize or eliminate chemical inputs.
How We Do It

Beneficial insects such as praying mantis, lacewings and ladybugs to keep harmful pest insects in check.

Inoculation with beneficial bacteria and other microbes to prevent harmful fungal, bacterial, and nematode diseases.


Soaps and botanical oils to control insects and their eggs.

Compost tea as an inoculant and fertilizer.

Controlled slow release and organic fertilizers.

Growing Media

Growing media of the finest organic components that has been inoculated with beneficial organisms.


What This Means To You
Hortech Quick Adaptation and Establishment in Your Garden
Earth Friendly™ Plants come with all the “good” microorganisms needed to fend off diseases and assimilate nutrients from your garden soil. Roots quickly grow, and Earth Friendly plants quickly adapt and thrive.
What This Means To The Environment
Protection of Water Resources
By growing our plants in an Earth Friendly™ manner, we use methods that protect and conserve our valuable water resources.
What This Means To Our Employees

By growing our plants in an Earth Friendly manner, we create a safe work environment where employees are protected from exposure to harsh pesticides and chemicals.

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