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Hercules modules are the superior soil retention solution... not only do they create walls that are strong and long lasting, each wall stands out as one of a kind.
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The perfect blend of function and environmental integration.
Hercules Walls not only retain soil, they beautify the landscape. Compare planted Hercules systems to ordinary retaining walls and you can easily appreciate this fact. Hercules Walls are literally "walls that come to life."
Hercules modules are
installed at 70° of inclination
or less. This creates
stronger walls that usually do
not require costly over-digging
and installation of geogrid
reinforcement behind the wall face.
Why have ordinary retaining walls when you could have Hercules Walls? These walls literally “come to life.”
The ultimate “Green” solution for retaining walls
to beautify your landscape.
Hercules are Strong
Hercules Wall systems are comparable to or stronger than traditional retaining walls and easily meet or exceed most building codes. They have been used along roads and highways, parking lots, homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, restaurants and universities.
Hercules Walls require little maintenance
As with any planted surface, there may be a need for occasional weeding, particularly after initial planting. Once the vegetation fills in, it will mask the soil and exclude weed development.
Hercules Walls are Green space
Hercules Walls traditionally have been counted as green space under most zoning codes. This allows for more developable space per square foot of building site.
Hercules Walls are easy to build
One simply begins with a compacted crushed rock footing, followed by a course of Hercules modules. These in turn are filled with soil and the soil compacted. Another course of Hercules modules is laid, filled with soil, and the soil compacted. This process is repeated until the desired wall height is established.
Hercules Walls work with a variety of plants
Typically planted with colorful ground covers or perennials, Hercules Walls also accept annuals, vines, herbs and even garden plants such as strawberries, melons, gourds and squash.

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